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Prebuilt Prompts

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Start working with our Prompts to get the most out of your documents. Below are some of our prebuilt prompts but we have many more.

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  • Summarize this chapter
  • What are the key points in this lecture?
  • Write an essay on this topic
  • Translate this paragraph to Spanish
  • Proofread this essay
  • Write a job description for this role
  • What questions should I ask in an interview for this role?
  • Write a rejection email for a candidate
  • Write an offer letter for a candidate
  • What are the key skills required for this role?
  • Summarize this legal document
  • What are the key points in this contract?
  • Write a legal opinion on this case
  • Translate this legal document to French
  • Proofread this legal document

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions from our customers. is an AI-powered app that transforms your documents into interactive chats. It allows users to chat with various document formats including PDF, PPTX, XLSX, and DOCX.
ChatDocuments supports PDF, PPTX, XLSX, and DOCX file formats.
You can start using ChatDocuments for free. We offer 3 documents for free without the need for a credit card. Paid subscription is $14.99 per month.
No, there's no setup needed to start using ChatDocuments.
ChatDocuments provides AI-powered document interaction, making it easy to use. It ensures security and privacy for your documents and supports multiple languages.
Yes, ChatDocuments is secure and private.
ChatDocuments supports multiple languages, allowing users to interact with their documents in various languages.
You can check the link for more information on becoming an affiliate.

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